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Candy Lazo

Candy Lazo
Candies in varied flavors in packaging 100% customizable. In assorted flavors: orange, lemon, strawberry, apple and cola. Including printing up to 2 colors -set up cost not included-.

Candy Dispenser Mintus

Candy Dispenser Mintus - White
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Candy dispenser in bright tones of minimalist design. Contains 20 tablets -approximately- with peppermint flavor and sugar-free. About 20 Sugar-Free Mints (3 gr.)

Mint dispenser thumb

Mint dispenser thumb - White
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Peppermint dispenser in the shape of a thumb. The opening of the dispenser is at the wrist of the hand. Circa five grams of sugerfree peppermints. Suitable for full-colour digital imprint.

Mint dispencer round 62mm

Mint dispencer round 62mm - White
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Flat round box of peppermints. In a transparent or hardcolour white. Circa 6.5 grams of sugerfree peppermints. Available for full-colour digital print. Product safety directive one every tin.
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